Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Boomer Blasts

I was out Thrift Shop hunting again today and remembered this sweet shop that I had gone to five years ago. It's a Thrift Shop where all the proceeds benefit our local Animal Shelter so I didn't mind spending a little extra. While I'm not going to reveal what I purchased today in this post, I will give you a hint.. When I came home I immediately bought four of these online..

(LP Album Frames)

OH NO! I have a feeling a new hobby is coming on..

While I was there though I was browsing around and bumped into their game and toy corner. Not really needing any toys I didn't stay in the area long, but my eyes did scan the games and toys and I suddenly realized I didn't recognize half of the games and toys that were for sale.  Of course, my mind then wandered to the games and toys that I used to love as a child.. 

Take a look at some of these golden oldies from the 60's & 70's! I'll tell you as Baby Boomers we sure had some FUN toys and games didn't we!  I think the kids of today are missing out on some true fun! Here you go.. these were all of my favorites!

Jacks - I actually still have a boxed set of them and played them with a dear friend of mine who passed away in 2009.. How funny it looked seeing both of us playing on my kitchen floor.

Clackers - Talk about a dangerous toy! Wow! No wonder they didn't last long! Glass balls on string? What were they thinking! Boy did they hurt when you'd get them clacking fast and they hit your hand!

Footsie - I was pretty good at this actually. You put the ring around your ankle and skip the bell under your other foot!

Paddle Ball - Yes, the ole' Paddle Ball. My mother used to put these in our Easter Baskets and suddenly they would disappear out of sight until they magically reappeared when my mother would wave it at us threatening to spank our heineys!

Loom & Loop Potholders - Hands down these are still the best potholders around! I liked the cotton loops better than the poly version they later came out with.  

Easy Bake Oven - Loved it! I have a vivid memory of being at my friend "Linda Jacobs" house in Union, NJ and we'd put chocolate chip cookies in the machine and get them really warm then dunk them in a glass of cold milk!  Why I remember that I have no idea as I've not talked to that girl in over 40 years!

Silly Putty - Actually, this fun stuff is still around, but it was the best in the 70's. My brother-in-law actually collects them still!  Did you press putty on the Sunday cartoons? Isn't that Silly!

Slinky - Come on.. everyone had a Slinky! I'm talking the real ones, not the plastic ones they sell today! Do you remember the words to the commercial? I do!
Who walks the stair without a care
It shoots so high in the sky.
Bounce up and down just like a clown.
Everyone knows its Slinky.
The best present yet to give or get
The kids will all want to try.
The hit of the day when you're ready to play
Everyone knows it's Slinky.
It's Slinky, It’s Slinky
for fun it's the best of the toys
It's Slinky, It’s Slinky
the favorite of girls and boys.

Sea Monkeys and Magic Rocks
Don't ask me why but I was fascinated with them. My mother would fill up jars and set them on the counter. We'd squint to see the monkeys until our eyes hurt.. I still don't know if I actually saw them.. Something tells me they were little shrimps.
Magic Rocks - Cool! Did you ever grow a rock? Well, of course, rocks grow in gardens, but have you ever tried the 'Magic Rock'?
Handy Dandy View-Master - Fun! Except, my finger would always get jammed up in the lever! Entertaining though!

And finally..
The Classic YoYo
Everyone had a YoYo right?
What kinds of fancy tricks did you do with your YoYo?
Sleeper? Around the World?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my look back at my youth and favorite fun past times..

What were your favorite games and toys?

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  1. I remember them all! The kids today start out in front of the TV or a computer. At least I played with those things and flashlight tag outside before I became a computer junkie a few years ago!

  2. Debby - I played Flashlight tag too, especially when we were camping.. Those were the days!

  3. I had the loom potholder maker. I remember making qutie a few of those.

  4. Tracy - I'm actually considering trying to find the loom and maker as I'm in need of some good potholders.. have any laying around?

  5. I remember all of these plus what about hula hoops ,skipping ropes ,a tennis ball for handball ,and most importantly my favourite french knitting with a cotton reel with four nail and some wool, ah thanks for the memories :D

  6. Well, I do remember hula hoops, but because I was never good at it.. my body doesn't groove like that, it wasn't my favorite.. Skipping ropes absolutely! Tennis ball for handball and the french kitting with a cotton wool.... hmmm. you got me there! What about HOP SCOTCH!? That one just occured to me! :)

  7. We have a thrift store here that the proceeds goes to help the animals! I LOVE that place! They are only open twice a week. My son wanted me to pick him up from school and go there yesterday! lol

    I remember all of those old toys! I remember making the pot holders for family for Christmas one year. I got one for my daughter and she didn't care for it much. Very disappointing to me that she didn't want to make them. I also remember the sea monkeys. I really thought they would look like the creatures on the package! lol Very disappointed in that one as a kid! lol Still am. hehehe

    Have a Great Day!

  8. What, you were only threatened? Hm. How about Mr. Potato Head, and Etch-A-Sketch, and Super Stuff, and Tiddly Winks, and Whiffle Ball, and Frisbee's, and Kite's, and Legos, and Lincoln Logs, and Erector Sets, and Marbles, and electric slot cars, and trains, and some other stuff I probably forgot. Damn, we had lots of stuff! I still have a yoyo.

  9. My grandkids love to play with Grandma's old games when they are here. It's just Chutes & Ladders, CandyLand, Monopoly and Battleship. We also play a form of horseshoes outside using large washers and holes you have to hit. They also sell them on line calling them Washoos. Loved the trip down memory lane.

  10. I owned everyone of those toys except for an Easy Bake oven. Oh, they were such fun! -Mary Alice

  11. @ Angela - Those potholders are still the ones that I like the best. Funny thing is though, sometimes they used to shrink! Sea Monkeys - Yes! False advertising on the box for sure! I thought the same..

    @ Randy - You forgot a couple.. Spirograph and Lite Brite! We were pretty lucky as kids weren't we!

    @ Donnie - My favorite board game was "Operation".. :)

    @ Mary Alice - I actually still have an Easy Bake Oven that I bought years ago for my day care. You are welcome to borrow it at anytime! :)

  12. Love this post and all the great memories it brings back. I remember every one of them! Pamela

  13. What a fun Pink Saturday visit - full of baby boomer generation memories for me as well. Jacks were so much better back then - metal instead of plastic seems to work a bit better. And would you believe it, I got a set of weaving potholder looms and supplies for beginners and taught my grandsons how to make them. They had so much fun and made several for Christmas. One grandkid in particular loved his potholder loom so much he'd cart it around from room to room. Such fun family memories - and great potholders as well. Thanks for a lovely visit. :)


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