Friday, February 11, 2011

Carousel Horsey

As a child I used to love to ride carousels. There's just something magical about them. I loved the brightly painted horses that would take me on a momentary journey carrying me up and down as if I were galloping through a magical land. Who didn't love the twinkle in the horses eyes, the mirrors that would reflect the joy of the children that were laughing and smiling? The moms and dads that stood by their little darlings making sure they didn't fall off. The sweet music that played as if you had just opened a music box.

So many memories that I hold still today. As a child, my parents took me to an amusement called, "Olympic Park" in Maplewood, NJ. In fact I wrote a prior post about it when I first opened "Tranquil Acres of Alexandria". You can view it by clicking on this post called "Olympic Park Baby Parade - 1965" . While doing some research for that post I learned that the carousel that I rode there is now Walt Disney World's oldest attraction! After Olympic Park closed, Walt Disney bought the carousel in 1967 and renamed it "Cinderella's Golden Carousel"!

My daughters loved going on carousels as much as I would love joining them.  My husband and I rode a couple when we were dating during our trips to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ. Again, many fine and precious moments of love.

When my second daughter was born, a friend of mine gave me a gift for her. A precious carousel horsey wall hanging that was made by her mother-in-law. Rose was a very special woman to so many and the crafts she made were pure pieces of art that reflected her warm and generous heart. When ever I look at Amanda's carousel horsey I think of Rose and how beautiful she was inside and out. Isn't the artwork beautiful? A treasured gift for sure.

Carousels can bring such happy memories, thrills and even romance, wouldn't you agree?

Today I'm joining Beverly's Pink Saturday at "How Sweet the Sound".


  1. Sweet post and that pink Carousel horse made by Rose was gorgeous.

  2. Leslie, your share is sweet & brings back many memories of youthful carousel joys.

    Happy Valentine's PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Me too, I even had a favorite horse!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. Lovely post. Rose sounds like a very talented, beautiful lady.

    Lisa x

  5. What a nice post. I remember the carnival coming to our small town. Mountain children got a thrill getting to ride on the "Merry Go Round."
    Thank you for the memories.
    Have a Blessed Saturday!

  6. Hi Leslie, I'm so glad you came to visit so I was able to find you! I am your 113th follower and I think you are mine also!! Hmmm..!! Anyway, I love the way you write--I've scrolled way back! We used to live near Maplewood in Short Hills, and we have taken many rides on that beautiful carousel in Disney World! It is still our first and last ride whenever we go there. When my daughter was little we would ride over and over again, petting the horses and listening to the music. Of course the right horse was the one with the most roses or feathers. Thank you for your sweet posts and for visiting me. Linda

  7. That's quite a lovely story - which Disney did the carousel go to? I have been to both - the one in CA when I was a child and the one in FL with our children - I love carousels too - there's one at Six Flags in GA where you go to just relax -
    Hope you have a wonderful day,

  8. Thank you everyone.. Your comments touched my heart..

    Kathy - the carousel is in Walt Disney World in Florida..

  9. Hey Leslie, thanks for stopping by! Glad you'll be joining me for the ride;)) Have a great weekend!

  10. You are so right; a carousel is always linked to a happy and romantic moment. I never thought about this before.
    Lovely pictures.

  11. Hi Leslie~
    You brought back such wonderful memories for us all. You are right, they are magical!
    lovely website and that meatloaf recipe looks good too. =0)
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. I love LOVE! Particularly when it is pink.

    Happy hearts day to you and yours.

  13. Yes! Carousels are so magical. Love the photos you posted. I just featured Genie's blog Paris and Beyond a few days ago and highlighted the carousel she posted. Check it out-
    Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Beautiful memories, thanks for sharing them. The pink carousel horse is wonderful...happy Pink Saturday !

  15. Happy Pink Saturday Leslie Sweetie...
    Such a beautiful share and I have so enjoyed going round and round on the carousel ride. I love riding the blue horse most of all. Listen to the music. Hang on Leslie sweetie here we go again.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie and Happy Pink Saturday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  16. love your post,remember when my daughter was small
    wanted to buy a carousel for her, could not find
    one in budget price range maybe if she has daughter can buy one then.(dream)

    Thanks for posting comment on my blog.


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