Monday, February 7, 2011

Do I Have Lipstick On My Teeth?

Let's admit it.. every woman does her fair share of primping..

When God created women, he added a little gene called, "Primping". We can "primp" for hours can't we? Primping is definitely an art form that should be recognized.

The definition of "Primping" is ~

"The female act of getting ready before going out for the night. Such activities include showering, the application of makeup and the picking out of the nights outfit and jewelry. It is also important to note that this act takes several hours and the term 'almost ready' very often means at least one more hour. It is also important to note that if you are man and have been waiting on a group of women to get ready, always say everyone looks great, as one constructive comment that may go against their wardrobe choice will restart the entire primping procedure."

It is safe to say that I will take an hour or more to get ready for an important event or special date. I simply do not understand WHY my man doesn't understand that I 'only' want to look like the big *bling* on his arm.
There are problematic conversations that arise from all this primping though..
For example.. "We only have one bathroom, can you please hurry?", "The mirror is too fogged up to apply my makeup!", "No, you can not go to the bathroom while I'm primping!" and in some severe cases, have you ever been involved with a primping process and have nicked your leg to the point of almost calling 911 in the midst of all this primping which indeed has made you late!  I have! Thus, women need their deserved time for primping or else rushing can lead to bloody situations!
Now, if you're wondering if you're the only one that extends the "Primping Process" of what I'm about to explain, let me assure you.. You are NOT the only one.. it is part of the "Primping Gene" and you are completely normal.
How many of you will spend an hour or more making sure every last hair is in place, your lipstick is straight, there's not a single piece of you that is out of place, including the carefully coiffured hair and yet.. what's the very first thing we do when we get in the car?

We flip the mirror down and look at ourselves! It's an insane impulse! Why do we do it? Just to make sure... you know.. making sure that a hair didn't blow out of place while we walked from the bathroom to the car. Suppose there was a wind that could of blown our artwork astray! You never know! And as "Primpers" we just can't let that happen!

Besides... there are times that we were rushed so much by the significant others that we may have skipped some of the "Beauty School" tips and assumed that our lipsticks looked luscious, even though we've not done the traditional "lip blot"..
Do you trust your man when you ask, "Do I look OK? Do I have any lipstick on my teeth?" More times than not, most men will say, "Yes, you look beautiful, and no you don't have any lipstick on your teeth.." Beware.. has he REALLY taken the time to look at you before he answers that question?
Then we flip down the mirror and find a Lipstick FLOP!
See.. now you know why it's safe to flip down the mirror my "Primpers"!
Are you a primper? If so ... PRIMP ON!


  1. So funny. I have been out with my man, and after a long time, he says, "you've got something black under your eye". Well taa for that. Do you think you could have mentioned it a bit sooner?? That's up there with having dinner guests over, and your kicking your man under the table, or giving him "THE LOOK" because he's being embarrassing, and he stops and says "why are you - kicking me/looking at me like that" DUH! Gotta love 'em.

    Lisa x

    And yay for primping!

  2. LOL, rolling on the floor here. I am not a big primper. Never have been- got everything down to a science. I do check myself in the car mirror because the lighting is different out there than in my bathroom. I'm looking more for wild hairs that grow between the bathroom and the driveway.
    When I could get out and about more- I could get ready alot faster than any of the guys here. LOL
    Love this post, though, because I have friends who take forever!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I am not a primper. I was raised with 2 brothers and had 2 sons. I have always been my hubby's third son too. I think I look fine and fine is okay with me but I do think my oldest brother inherited the shopping gene in our family too. I hate to

  4. I'm not a primper...I sport a very casual hair style that can be looking good in minutes, I don't wear much makeup and after all these years, I have getting it on down to a fine art. I hate clothes shopping with an absolute passion but love love love shopping for my house. :))

    Cute cute post.

  5. I'm sending you a Versatile Blogger award and I hope you accept it. It's on my next post.

  6. I'm not a big primper, either. And, like bj, I have a casual hairstyle that is pretty short: gel, blow, and go!

  7. Even at 66, I love my eyeshadow. It's sort of my trademard. I really got into it many year ago, when I was an operating room nurse and that's about all that showed above my mask. Patients really liked it! Sometimes, I'll have on three or four colors, matching my outfits. I've gotten really fast at putting it on. I, fortunately, have my own bathroom!

  8. @ Lisa - I know just that "LOOK" you're talking about.. and can find myself in that situation from time to time.. :) What would we do with out them right?!

    Tete-Donnie & BJ - Non primpers are wonderful as well! Perhaps there is an area where you need more space, time or patience? Do something that is repeatative and you don't know why?

    RNSANE - That's great - you've made a name for your self.. the "Shadow"... sounds mysterious and fun all in one!

  9. I spent years primping and now several years not primping. I'll admit that I feel so blah next to my very much primping princess daughter now, but go back to details of primping? Never :)

    P.S. I got the seasoning and can't wait to try it. Thanks!

  10. I have my moments sometimes I primp sometimes I don't ,I have given you an award please pop over and take a look


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