Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Gift for Every "10"!

Starting today "Ground Hog Day", I've decided to announce a fun surprise for every 10th new "Google Follower" I've received.

It's my way of saying

to all those that are following along with me in this journey we
fondly call Blogging!

The 10th follower doesn't have to do a thing but be willing to send me their address so they can receive a special surprise gift from Tranquil Acres!

Every 10th follower will be spotlighted in a blog post!

So let's start with today's winner
who is my '70th' follower!

Say hello to "Krista" from Colorado!

Congratulations Krista and Thank You for being my 70th follower and for commenting on my post

Who will be next?


  1. That sounds like a cute idea. I'm sure Krista will love being recognized. Take care.

  2. You are so generous to offer this to your followers!!!

    Just wanted to say hi and sending a great big HUG to you!!! :))

  3. @ Donnie - Thanks! I just thought I'd have a little fun and why not spread it around. I started with the number 70 because I liked that year for some reason! 1970 that is..

    @ Krista - You're very welcome! I will be mailing out your gift tomorrow! Let me know when you receive it.. :) Thanks again for the follow..

    @ Java - :) Well, I like to make people smile.. and thank you for the hug.. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi Leslie, I popped back to find the link to check out the Arizona blog. Don't know how I missed this post. (Methinks Google Reader is underperforming :-0 ) Love your idea. Good stuff.

    Lisa x

  5. Hi Leslie!
    It was a great surprise to see your post on my blog tonight. Thank you for your generosity.

  6. Hi Leslie, such a nice surprise to read you message this morning. I scream "Yahooo", hubby asked "What's the excitement?" Lol. Glad to be one of the lucky ones on your GFC list! Will send you email in a little bit..

    Thanks a bunch!


  7. I'm at 185th. its ok for me I just love it here.
    I wonder who sill the 190th.
    good luck every body.


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