Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mayonnaise Under The Sink

"Mayonnaise Under the Sink"  Did the title catch your eye?  My brothers will know immediately what this post is about. Let me explain..

This conversation comes up at every family function, around our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table and always scratches our heads and makes us laugh all the same. When I was young my mother would put her plastic containers of mayonnaise under the sink. Not in the refrigerator, but under the sink! To this day we still don't know why and it may raise an eyebrow or two, but the saying "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger", comes to mind right?

My mother, she did the craziest of things but she is one helluva woman and I'm proud to be her daughter.

She is the original Mrs. Clean and taught Mr. Clean everything he knows..

She is one heck of a chef, including smart food in our diets like "Calf Brain" sandwiches..

Stood us in the corners of the kitchen when we didn't finish our plates.. Imagine how funny it looked having three corners with three kids, holding their plates!

She used to smoke a pipe while gardening, to keep the bugs at bay, so she would say..

A true gamer and teaser.. playing 'dead' on the floor, something us kids could not ignore..

A doctor at heart, soaking cotton balls in whiskey for toothaches...

Scrubbing us with soap that was made for doctors..

Mom ~ I wouldn't have you any other way..

And, yes, I'll be printing this out and sending it to my mom.


  1. She sounds like a great lady and I might mention the eating dinner method to my dil. On second thought-maybe post.

  2. Great post! Your Mom is a special lady!!!
    have a happy day,

  3. Thank you! Yes, Ann is quite the lady... silly, bold, independant, hard working, crafty and fills the bill as the 'salt of the earth'.. I only aspire to be like her..

  4. Your mom sounds amazing! What a lovely post!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. what an amazing tribute to your mom... glad you will be sending it her way.

  6. Your mom sounds incredible! Must've been a hoot to grow up around her!

  7. Hahaha, that is too funny! She sounds like a great mom, with quite a few tricks up her sleeve as well :)


  8. What a fun mum. I have a funny feeling my daughter will be blogging something like this about me one day. Really like this post.

    Lisa x


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