Sunday, February 27, 2011

A More Personal Monday

Here I am with another "Meet Me On Monday" hosted by Java and "Never Growing Old"..

This weeks questions are:

1.  What are you wearing right now?

Well, I'd love to say these pj's but....

I'm wearing these instead.. my husbands flannel pj's and feeling extremely comfy too!

2.  Do you have freckles?

Yes, some here and there, but mostly their turning into this kind of an affair.. Some call them "age" spots, I call prefer to call them "Wisdom Dots"..

3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?


4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
Honestly, it's been so long I haven't a clue.. Maybe it was this?

5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?
I could live without the TV but, a world without music would be boring.

So, there you have it.. Cheers to a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Coconut? Really? I think I throw that one out! lol....LOVE your answer for what are you wearing!

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. Wisdom dots! I love it!

    And I thought I didn't go to the theater often. LOL.

    Glad to meet you on Monday!

  3. I love coconut and I love wisdom dots too, I am going to use that expressions from now on!
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.
    Helen x

  4. I'm into music, coconut, flannel, wisdom dots and have not been to a movie since Shrek- Love my Shrek! Now I can't go to the theaters, so we watch at home when we do. Pay per view, and haven't done that lately.
    Hugs- Tete

  5. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites. I would have loved to see that one on the big screen. Thanks for sharing your answers, enjoy your week.

  6. Oh, I love the term "wisdom dots"....I'll be proud to call mine that!!! ;-) Really like your little "sign" about music, too!!! I'm your latest follower from Meet Me On Monday!

  7. Wisdom dots. I'll have to remember that one.
    Have a great week!

  8. I've never had coconut lifesavers. I'm getting "wisdom dots" too. I'm always surprised when I look down and see my grandmother's hands where mine used to be ;)

  9. Love you answers! I follow you already but I just wanted to stop in and say hi! Have a great week.

    Carol-the gardener

  10. My pj's are sweats and a t-shirt so nothing like your first picture either.

  11. I saw GWTW when it was back in theaters, maybe in 1997? That was pretty cool!

  12. I have to say I wish I could wear the first choice as comfy-how creative :)

    I forgot all about coconut...I love coconut.

    I enjoyed your answers. :)

    Becky from

  13. LOL - you have to see what I'm wearing right now! And you're the only other person who likes the white ones, too (so far.) And, yes, I like the "wisdom spots" thing - I am getting them, too. UGH!

  14. I love the "wisdom dots" I think I'm going to use that from now on.

    Coconut? Really?

  15. I think I would rather be wearing the top pj's also, but then I would love to have the same body also. Perhaps in my younger years. As for the wisdom dots, I can go along with that. I will use that for now instead of age spots. Love it. I am a new follower, also.


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