Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been waiting weeks for my REAL SIMPLE magazine and today it arrived!  I couldn't wait to sit on my chaise lounge and read it. This was the first edition I've received as I subscribed to it weeks ago.

While paging through the March issue I found some very interesting articles and thought provactive pictures and ideas that I thought I'd share with you. {Let me preface by saying that in no means am I being compensated by the editors of REAL SIMPLE nor do I have any affiliation with them}

The very first thing that caught my eye were the small words under the main title | LIFE MADE EASIER | Isn't that something we could all use in our life? How to make it 'easier'?

For the size of the magazine I didn't think that the price was so bad, $4.99 for this heavy magazine! I was just hoping it wasn't filled with advertisements..  To my surprise though, I picked up a lot of valuable information such as..

Within a few pages I found a quote that I loved, "I think hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself" by Hubert De Givency  Some days I would agree..

Some interesting facts I learned were..
Barbie's main squeeze "Ken" turns the big "5-0" on March 11.. Did you get a birthday party invitation? I didn't yet.. I'm sure it's coming though, as Barbie and I were BFF's..

The most wearable trend right now is Polka Dots.. Oh really? I'll sit this trend out and wait for paisley flowers..

Do you like when magazines have perfume samples in them? I do.. In fact, I will rip them out and put them in my lingerie drawer.. This one had an advertisement and sample of PURE DKNY. It's description read, "A soft floral scent with a signature vanilla accord". Nice, but I'm not sure I'd go out and buy it, but "Thanks" for the drawer scent!

Let's turn to page 45..

Do you like marbles? I do! I don't remember playing them, but I love decorating with them and someone at the magazine must have been spying on me as they are advertising using marbles in the bottom of vases to keep your daises up and drinking water. Nice idea huh! However, the one tip I did read that I thought was interesting and might try is, adding marbles in the bottom of a spray bottle to pull the last bit of cleaner up. The marbles help to raise the liquid's level to the spray tube! What do ya know!

There's a section called, "Modern Manners | Life Lessons" which features "Etiquette Dilemma's" and this months was a doozy.. "A member of my family recently had something contagious. Must I alert visitors?" The article went on about a household where a daughter had lice.. Oh... yes.. I could have very well been the writer of this article as that nasty insect hopped into my home several years ago.. Again, the writers are talking about me as they wrote, "Or is she a worrier? I have a friend who is part hypochondriac, part clean freak. When someone getting treatment for lice once visited her home, it sent her into a panic. She spent the next 24 hours frantically washing and disinfecting every surface she could think of - even scouring underneath the upholstery."  They got it wrong though, I spent more than 4 DAYS cleaning my house!
OK.. just which one of my family members gave the interview and told them I did that!?

On page 64 there is a quote that starts off with, "5 ways to stay cool under pressure" A... yea, I passed right through that article because I could very well be a pressure cooker at times!

There are some ads that really catch your eye..and this one did just that.. OH, how I wish I could be laying on this bed in a field of pachysandra.. {a momentary lapse of dreaming ensued}

On page 99 I discovered that I am definitely going to be a member of the "IN" club as I saw that Orange is the color of the season and I look WONDERFUL in the color orange!

Ha! I knew they were scams! There's an informative article that confirmed my suspicions about Facebook notifications I get saying "Who viewed your Facebook Profile?". Yes folks it's a scam! They are app links and should never be clicked on! It's written that Facebook does not offer a way for members to see who has viewed their profile. That comes from a company spokesperson, so resist the urge to click!

"An Age to Remember" was an article that got me thinking.. What age was a very good year for me? Hmm. I guess it would have to be the age of 19 when I realized I was maturing and fell in love with my husband. What's your age to remember?

Now for the meat of the mag.. The "FOOD" section..I found a delightful recipe under the FOOD | WEEKNIGHT MEALS section that peaked my culinary interest. Especially since it said, "Under $3 a Serving".  While I've never had watercress to my recollection, I'm going to try this recipe. "Beef Quesadillas with Watercress & Corn Salad" You can click on the picture for the recipe.

220 pages later and guess what, my wrist still smells pretty from the perfume sample, and my lap only had three of those annoying little subscription cards fall on to it..

Like my REAL SIMPLE review? Would you like to read them here monthly? Let me know.. I'll {try} to keep it simple!

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  1. Did you know that Ken was trying to win Barbie's heart back after they broke up a few years ago?

  2. Yes, Barbie told me she fell in love with Blaine..

  3. I never knew they got married. Where have I loved reading the magazine with you since I read it online anyway. I miss out on a few things so I can catch up with you.

  4. You didn't miss out Donnie... that scoundrel Barbie never would commit! No matter how many times I dressed her in a wedding gown she ran the other way. Once I saw she was picked up by Gumby and Pokey! I guess they took her straight into Blaine's arms... Poor Ken.

  5. Donnie - That was a writers error - I will now fix it... I associate "MAIN SQUEEZE" with "HUSBAND" OH EDITOR!!!!!!!! LOL!

  6. I love that magazine and the TV show has just started here in Australia too. I can't wait to see this issue when it finally arrives here in Oz.

    Glad you enjoyed it so much!

    Best wishes,


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