Monday, February 21, 2011

Problematic Words

There are days that I really feel like sitting in the corner wearing the old 'dunce' cap.. While I was a good student in school and did well in English as far back as I can remember, I have a problem with certain annoying little words that get stuck at my fingertips.  Most of the time I misspell them, and other times I use the wrong tense of them. It's a defect I'm sure. My wiring must be lose loose! You see a simple word like that could have made a different affect effect.

It's embarrassing to say the least when I make a stupid mistake like that at work. Perhaps I need a personal proofreader?  Here are some of my problematic words:
  • accommodate
  • affect or effect
  • burgundy
  • chief (this is where I sing "i" before "e" except after "c")
  • conscientious
  • dessert or desert (ah yes.. you always want more dessert so it has 2 "s"..)
  • forty (for years I spelled it fourty)
  • fulfill
  • jewelry
  • laid vs. layed
  • loose vs. lose
  • quiet vs. quite (my #1 Dunce)
  • vacuum
  • weird
Is there any rhyme (yet another word) or reason that I get hung up on these words? You've got me. Maybe it's because I was never a big book reader? I'm one card short of a full deck? Who knows..

Here's another preposterous grammatical problem that I have..

But! Let me proof read someone elses work and I can assure you I'll find an error worthy of the red pen..

OK, lets hear it... What are your most commonly misspelled words?


  1. I love words, and enjoy finding new ones. One that gets me (it's more to do with correct usage) is when to use inquire, or enquire. (It's so easy to find an answer to, but I forget, until I need to use it.). The word which gets me every time is critisize, err criticsize err I give up.

    Great post. (Thank goodness for spell check, and lets face it, the English language is rather silly sometimes. I use the American color often, in posts, yet colour at other times, which is correct over here - go figure).


  2. I love the red squiggly line that shows up under what I misspell. My main problem is the grammar.


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