Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Would You Do If?

There were some great responses on my first question, so let's see what your thought provoking answers would be for this one..

What would you do if...

You were given a round trip ticket to the moon and  could only take one person with you..

1) Would you accept the ticket?
2) Who would you bring with you?

What would I do?
I would go, albeit a little scared, but I would go and I would ask
 my mom to go with me.

Now it's your turn..
Would you stay? Or would you go?


  1. I would offer them up to my kids & if they didn't want them I'd put them on eBay and ask them to send me pictures. Too old for that kind of experience.

  2. Now you see Donnie, that's exactly why I would take my mom.. so she could experience everything in her lifetime.. I think it compares to the question, "If you could live forever would you?" There are somedays that I think I would so I can see the world improve and struggles surpassed, however there are some days that I say, "Hell NO!". I'd just love to walk on this earth as long as I'm supposed to and pass on my happy memories, good times and positive thoughts on to my children.. Just for the record though... you're not too old to try new experiences.. :)

  3. I would pay top dollar to a scalper to get two more tickets and then I would send all four of my children - who would, no doubt, fight the entire trip.

  4. Oh I see that Donnie has already answered what I wanted to say..Yes, I would take the tickets and give them to people who can handle it.

  5. I would give them to my kids. I would send my camera with Craig and there would be one dandy post when they got back.
    A big old harvest moon is as close as I need to get.
    Hugs, Tete

  6. I would keep my two feet on planet Earth!!! I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday.


  7. I would not go LOL
    Too boring to me and too long. I don't see who i would bring.....Anyways..
    following from take it from me blog.
    Would love if you drop by and do the same !
    Have a lovely day !

  8. I would most definitely NOT go because I am terrified of closed in spaces and I get motion sickness and I have anxiety! Haha :)

    New follower from Welcome Wednesday... hope you stop by my blog! http://littlemissemmylou.blogspot.com/

  9. Ummm I would be so scared but I might go...I'd take my husband with me!
    I'm your newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Come follow me too! :)

  10. I'm wondering ... "How old is ... to old?"
    I am the adventurer. The first time I zip-lined I was 50. I would go and take my son. He is the only one of my children that would appreciate the trip.
    If he could not go, I would take my Grandson.

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  13. I would give the tickets to my ex husband, and my husband's ex wife, and then "accidently" cancel the return trip...hehehe New follower here from Welcome Wednesday. Drop by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  14. Wow... we've had some wonderful responses to this question. Seems to me that most people would like their feet better walked on earth... wouldn't you agree.

    I loved everyone's responses, but I think the one that tops the cake is Kimberley's... that was so funny! ~Leslie

  15. I'll be short as it's past 2AM.
    1.Of course I would go!
    2.My dog, who else? Are you surprised?

  16. Would I :Hell Yeah In a heart beat.
    Who You of Course.
    I would take Lauren. But we know how she is. She would have to fly the shuttle. hahaha

    Rich (The Husband)

  17. WOW! Well,... Lookie here folks... my husband ACTUALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!! I'm writing this day down someplace.. and will remind him when we're celebrating our 90th birthdays! Gotta love that man of mine. :)


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