Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never Underestimate A Woman

Today was the day I've been waiting weeks for! Finally a day off without any rain! Thinking of all the things I wanted to do this morning made it an early to rise kind of morning waking up at 4:30am just to start the day!

Mr. Tranquil Acres decided it was high time we purchased our own Rototiller and I couldn't have agreed more. Off we went to purchase "my" new toy. Yes... I wrote "MY" as it's my garden and I love to tinker with machines just as well as the next 'Real Woman' in line so why not? While Mr. Tranquil Acres wanted the larger model, I put my foot down and said the smaller one. Guess which one we bought? The Briggs and Stratton "Huskee". It looked perfect as did the price tag!

As I meandered around the store I also wanted to pick up an inexpensive leaf blower as I have two patios that drive me crazy if there's any kind of leaf debris on them. You already know I'm a clean freak, so why should this surprise you?
While my husband has a back pack blower in the barn, I'm realizing that lugging that thing around is definitely hurting my back, never mind it's making me go deaf! It must be an early Mother's Day since I received so many worthy, useful gifts!

Once we arrived home, I grabbed my work boots, my gardening hat, and off we went down by my garden for my "Roto Tiling Training". I suddenly remembered the last time I was trained on a piece of large equipment which was back in 2006 and sadly the Zero-Turn Commercial Ride On Mower did defeat me as the mowed down pachysandra can attest too, but later on I did do well with my "Tractor training" so I was even. I listened to Mr. Tranquil's instructions and the last thing he said was, "If you're not careful, this will take "you" for a ride".. HA! No way pal! No way! I was determined to prove him wrong for sure!

Can you tell that I mastered the Briggs and Stratton "Huskee"?

I've always been of the belief that if you believe in yourself and in your inner strength that there's nothing that you can't do. If you don't succeed than at least you believed in yourself enough to try your hardest. This is something I always try and keep in mind. Today I had belief in myself that I could conquer this chore and couldn't help myself from thinking of the benefits this task would serve later on.

Like Christian soldiers I moved on to blowing off the back patio and started to remulch our front beds. In recent years we've used Cedar mulch and Root mulch, but this year we decided to use Pine Bark mulch and I have to tell you that it is definitely a winner. The color goes perfect with our mahogany siding too!  While laying the mulch Mr. Tranquil fired up his old Cub Cadet mower. It's a special mower indeed as it belonged to his dad. After weeks of tinkering and turning screws and wrenches, replacing the battery was the last on the list and at last it's in fine working order. Oh! another 'training' course I was invited too! Wow, that was easy and actually felt a little too relaxing.

I cut the front lawn and had to get off so I could finish my remulching! Mr. Tranquil was thrilled to take his seat and ride on his dads mower..

Is there any other announcement of the beginning of spring than the look of a freshly mulched bed?

As the day wore on I did some other miscellaneous gardening and found a friendly salamander hanging around a cool rock. As a child I always found them to be cool. Cool enough to look at but slimy enough to not touch was my motto.

I found a moment to plant one of my favorite shoes and then looked at the sweet statue of my girl reading a book.. it was at that moment that I finally said "Leslie.. you've done enough"  I am feeling pretty good about myself today as I went through a lot of training courses and succeeded in them all..

Why? because I believed in myself... of course, I also believe that I'll be one sore woman tomorrow!


  1. Everything looks beautiful and you probably were pretty sore after all that.

  2. Girl, you rocked it today! I don't even know where to begin! I used to do all of that stuff and I miss it so much. One thing to remember about tilling is not to fight the machine. Line it up right before you get started and let IT do the work! Mowing, for me, was my quiet time! The kids and hubby couldn't bother me out there! It was great and the vibration took my pain away while I on it.
    My favorite store is the hardware store! I love tools!
    Congrats on a sunny day off and getting so much done! Who cares if you can't get out of bed in the morning. You are going to sleep good tonight!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. There is something about getting one's hands in the dirt that is soothing. Hope you aren't too sore tomorrow!

  4. This is a real springtime post....you all have all the equipment you could ever need...plus good workers. Looks like you are ready to plant that garden. What a fun post for Rednesday.

  5. Wow you are amazing...Happy Rednesday...mine is ready.

  6. I am going to be sor tomorrow just from reading that. It looks so beautiful; I cannot wait to get out and get my hands dirty!

  7. I second that thought - you go girl!

  8. That was a lot of work for one day. Hope U R not so sore by now. Have a great day.

  9. You really rocked it, didn't you. Being sore kind of goes with spring...I'm experienced at it. Happy to see another woman get excited about tools. I just bought myself a hedge trimmer, better than getting diamonds!

  10. Following from Welcome Wed. All I can say is will you come do my yard??

  11. I can feel the ache in my back worsening already! I can't wait to get my planters filled and all of my summer "stuff" out. The winter here in the Northeast was just too much this year and I'm planning to take in every spring and summer day ahead with all the gusto that I can muster!

    Here's to believing!

    ~Mrs B

  12. Wow you look so cute using your new tiller! Whenever this rain decides to give us a break here in Tennessee we will be able to get our garden planted. I am really getting anxious to get our vegetables and herbs planted. So glad I found your blog!!

  13. Hi there! :) Great blog - I'm your newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Would love a follow back! :)

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  14. There's nothing like the smell of freshly mulched gardens! You sure got alot done, and I'm jealous of your tiller. And that shoe planter is the prettiest I've ever seen!
    Happy Gardening and Happy REDnesday!

  15. Awesome blog! Love the décor. I'm your newest follower :D luv if you follow back!

    cherie girl
    how to be fabulous

  16. Love the shoe planter! I love gardening and I do it just about everyday..weather permitting..love your new toys...err...tools!

  17. I love the tub garden!

    Wishing you a wonderful Week!

    New Follower via Welcome Wednesday blog hop
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  19. I suspect your garden will grow just fine!


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  20. gotta love girl power!!!! and that shoe planter...hahaha!


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